Up, Down & Around

Series of 3 colloborative group shows with Bergen Academy of Art & Design and Glasgow School of Art
Down A Bit & To The Left, McLellan Galleries, Glasgow
Up A Bit & To The Right, Rom 8, Bergen, Norway
Around, Up & Down, Gallery Of Modern Art, Glasgow
April – May 2015

Up, Down & Around, GOMA, Glasgow, Installation View

Untitled Unnecessary Floor Painting II, Vinyl, Approx 300 x 200cm

Interventionist Gods, Revenge Fuck, Aftermaths, Comedowns & Various Other Endings, (all) Ink & Enamel On Paper, Vinyl, 36 x 46cm

Down A Bit And To The Left, Mclellan Galleries, Glasgow, Installation View

Melancholy II. Enamel On Board, 2 Panels, each 300 x 600mm, Monitor, Live Webcam Stream.

Up A Bit & To The Right, Rom 8, Bergen, Installation view. Vinyl, Acrylic & Gesso on Board, 400 x600mm, iPad, 120 min Livestream Video Performance (youtu.be/r3dRcfuihXU