Room Mural, Ace Hotel, Shoreditch. Emulsion, Spray Paint, Acrylic, Marker on Wall. 2013.
Client: Ace Hotel

Walk Dance Talk Sing, Album Campaign Artwork, Digital Print, 2015
Client: Crazy P / K7 Records

D /// TB, Collaborative project with The Bakery at Adidas Originals store, Berlin and Bread and Butter Tradeshow, 8mm White Neon, EL Foil, El Wire, Acrylic, Spray Paint, Marker, Emulsion, Wood, 2013
Client: Adidas Originals

Mi Adidas x Daddison Forum colourway, instore at Adidas Orginals store, Münzstraße, Berlin.
Client: U-Dox / Adidas Originals

Wall Mural, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Spray Paint, Emulsion, 2014. View Video >
Client: Coucou Brooklyn

Untitled Mural, Hamburg, Paint Marker On Glass, 2011.
Client: Fleet Street Theatre, Hamburg

donuts_neons_tempUntitled Mural, Bristol, Neon Rope, Acrylic, 2012.
Client: Donuts The Store

Ralph Lauren Art Stars, Paris, Denim Stretched Over Wooden star, Screen Print, Applique Denim, Acrylic, Emulsion, Spray Paint, Paint Marker, 150cm x 150cm x 30cm, 2011
Info / video
Client: U-Dox / Ralph Lauren



288 Abstract Studies On Record Sleeves, emulsion and enamel on card, each 315 x 315mm. Produced For Ltd. Edition Vinyl Only Release, 2015
Client: Just Jack